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Anapolon  considered to be one of the most anabolic steroids because of its incrediblyhigh anabolic activity and rather reduced level of androgens. The formula of Anapolon contains the molecular bond of the active substance Oksmetolon, which due to its properties leads to a number of positive effects, such as a large  increase in muscle mass in the shortest possible periods of time, an increase in the indicators of power development and endurance.

In addition, one more important factor is the beneficial effect of Anapolon on the joints. It is in  pain relief, activation of blood, hemoglobin and erythropoietin synthesis. In our time, oxymetholone widely used throughout the world in various sports disciplines and  often included in steroid courses for muscle mass increase due to its high efficiency.

Side effects of Anapolon:

Order Anapolon steroid online.  Among the main side effects that can occur while taking Anapolon the following ones can be identified:

Hepatotoxicity. It is the most important side effect for the prevention of which.  It  recommended to take Karsil during the whole course. In this way, you will normalize the condition and work of your liver.
A consequence of progestin activity. Gynecomastia, increased blood pressure and accumulation of water in the body can occur. To prevent these effects it  recommended to take antiestrogens and blockers of prolactin.
Can cause diarrhea, appetite worsens and provoke mild nausea in rare cases.
Is able to suppress the synthesis of natural testosterone in the organism. Which can also negatively affect the loss of weight after finishing the course. It  recommended to use Tribulus or Gonadotropin during and after the course.

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