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What is Nandrolone?  Buy Nandrolone online

Nandrolone – is an absolute classic of doping in strength sports. This so-called anabolic steroid substance, officially registered as a drug and used in states of cachexia after surgery, emergency fracture, injury of several organs, burn. It used to accelerate the metabolism of protein in the muscles, increase appetite, stimulate the formation of blood, increase bone reproduction. These properties  appreciated by athletes, namely, to increase muscle strength, immunity, endurance. The “Muscular” sculpture created by this chemical method is not the result of natural exercises.
The features of nandrolone include:

1. The drug remains in the body for a long time (even several months). This period predicted,  it
depends on individual characteristics.
2. Nandrolone  easily absorbed in the form of esters and is taken in the form of intramuscular injections.
3. All esterified and unesterified forms of nandrolone have a weak androgenic rating.
4. Nandrolone  effective for achieving a tinted appearance combined with a real increase in strength and muscle mass.

Possible Side Effects of Trenbolone Base:

-Suppresses the levels of testosterone
-Androgenic conditions of the skin  acne
-Dynamic mood alterations
-Elevated levels of cholesterol
-Adverse cardiovascular conditions
– liver toxicity  consumed in high doses
– anxiety
– insomnia
– night sweating
-potential elevation of pulse rate

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